Zeke's Page

Hey Zeke! This is going to be the page where I load your art. The paperclip below has your latest piece in  it's full size in a zip file. It's only there temporarily so get it as soon as you can.
To get to this page you'll need a link so others can't just download your art without the link.

Zeke In Action

Just some things to note: I took your original thought and added the 'helping a comrad' idea to the mix. Behind your foot you can see the debris caused from you sliding forward to protect your comrad. Just in time too! The blast of fire hits your shield along with a couple arrows. You can see she is reaching for her staff while wearing the Bardic Tavern-Singer's dress. The arrows being shot at you two are Daedric style. The scene is set in the Foyada Arena for battlegrounds.

Zeke's the Man

Here is a bordered pic of just your tank. I added more blue to this one so it doesn't reflect the environment as much. I hope you like it!

Twitch Package

Here is your channel art! I hope you like them! This includes banners with black and white backgrounds,  1920x1080 graphic with black and white backgrounds and individual characters with gray backgrounds. 

I plan to show these off somehow but I wanted to wait until you started using them. Hopefully it will work as marketing also. 

Let me know what you think! :}

Twitch Package 2

Here is an update with a few extras. Badges are included and one fun surprise. ;p


Here is the painted portrait with the grassy background. Thanks!! <3