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Rococo; an artistic style of the 18th century distinguished by the elaborate ornamentation. Light and airy elegance clothed the fashionable men and women of this time period. Most notable was Queen Marie Antoinette of France.

Rococo Marie Antoinette Graphic
Rococo Marie Antoinette

On instagram, I was challenged to create a rococo portrait of Marie Antoinette on an upcoming post with the slap of

a glove across my face. Not only was I going to accept that challenge I was going to destroy it. Mwhahaha! That was how I felt when I accepted the light hearted suggestion.

This is where I test my sketching and painting skills. The lineart was designed and completed within half an hour. The values and colors, which will be posted later, was absolutely grueling. I couldn't and still haven't worked out the coloring. Alas, knowing thy weakness is required to become stronger!

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