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Drawtober is an ongoing art trend to draw everyday of the month. During this process I came up with much more than drawings. 

Instead I created a story with a retrofuturism vibe surrounding a woman called the Raven Queen and her fight against the evil twins, the Bowry Brothers. Along side this story is one of three friends who happen to be witches in a time where cyborg technology is prevalent. 

Read about the adventures of the Raven Queen and find out what will happen next on Instagram or Facebook.

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Previous Projects

Modern Fairy
Fire Fairy
Bringer of Night Fairy
Criminal Fairy
Body Builder Fairy
Warrior Fairy
Ten Unusal Fairies

Try something new and call it a project to stay focused and consistent.

One of my lastest ongoing projects is to come up with ten unusual fairy concepts. This project is really pushing my imagination and it's a ton of fun!.

Stay tuned for more fairies!

A story about Venessa and Arturo. More on them coming soon.
Lovers Dance
Download backgrounds to play the #dancepartyoc game on instagram.